"Justin Miller is the finest PDR trainer I know.....period.  He came to me for re-training many years ago and ended up running my retail shop for a couple years. He has a passion for PDR and he developed into an awesome tech in his time with me. I had him conduct some training classes with me and he was so adept and excellent that I now refer many students to him from around the world. You can't go wrong in choosing Justin as your trainer....."

-Tom Price  PDR Veteran, Trainer and Educator Longmont, Colorado


"After weeks of searching the web for a PDR trainer, I was referred to Justin by a long time PDR veteran.  After spending a week of intense one-on-one training with Justin, I came home with all the necessary knowledge and practice skills to get going right away with my PDR company.  Within a couple of months of practicing, I was out making money in the retail market.  Justin's training is tailored to each student’s needs to help you learn faster and self-correct your own mistakes.  I would highly recommend Justin to anyone who is interested in learning PDR for a career or as a add-on to a existing career."
-Ken LawrenceOwner/Dent-Tastic Selma, Alabama
"We were introduced to Justin back in 2006. With over 100 franchisees throughout Australia and New Zealand, we wanted to ensure that we were getting someone with experience and knowledge to help our business grow. Justin was very professional in his training methods, and with his years of experience he was able to relate to the various people in the class. We have now been using Justin to run our PDR classes for the last four years; he always has a professional approach to the students and wants to keep in contact with them to check on their progress. I would recommend Justin to anyone wanting to learn the art of PDR."
-Adam Mclaine, Operations Manager/Touch Up Guys Brisbane, Australia


"After two weeks of one-on-one training with Justin, I went home with all the knowledge necessary to start my PDR career. I was easily making money in the first two months and haven't looked back since. Justin's focused manner and communication skills made him a very good choice as my teacher. When I get stuck on a difficult dent today, the no-nonsense instruction he gave me is still what I fall back on. Thanks again Justin!
-Marc Larose, Owner/California Dents Montreal, Canada